Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


a. How can I make a donation?

There are multiple ways to make a donation to the SAVE LIV35 Foundation. You can opt to donate monthly or give a one time donation securely online.
Donations in the form of check, made payable to SAVE LIV35, can be sent to the SAVE LIV35 secure lockbox at:
200 W Colorado Street
Hammond, LA 70401

b. How much of my donation goes to outreach initiatives?

The SAVE LIV35 Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that directs 100% of public donations to its outreach initiatives.

c. Who do I contact to book founder Stacie Triche for speaking engagements or interviews?

Thank you for your interest in booking founder Stacie Triche for your event. Due to the high volume of submissions each day, please direct all requests to

d. How do I recommend a child for TEAM SAVE LIV35?

Thank you for your interest in contacting the SAVE LIV35 Foundation. Due to the extremely high volume of submissions each day, we ask that you submit all requests to and we will respond as timely as possible.

e. How can I volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in wanting to serve with the SAVE LIV35 Foundation. All volunteer requests must be sent to